Helpful Links

Other Statistical Websites

Google and YouTube are your friends – you can find information and explanations (much of excellent quality) on virtually any topic of interest. Here are some of our favorite links.

  • Dance of the p-values by Geoff Cumming is an unforgettable multimedia masterpiece. Additional videos that accompany his book on The New Statistics can be found on YouTube.
  • Khan Academy includes thousands of short video presentations (most are about 10-12 minutes) on a wide range of topics in science and mathematics, including more than 100 on statistics and probability.
  • coursera provides many excellent free online courses, including statistics, data science, and programming.
  • μ-Tube by Andy Field provides clear and entertaining explanations on many statistical topics, with humor that may amuse, annoy, or offend.
  • Open Online Statistics Courses will take you to links to free statistics courses, compiled by Jasmine Parker.
  • David Howell’s Statistical Homepage An author of popular statistics textbooks, Howell offers data sets, exercises, archived discussion lists, lists of errors, and examples that correspond with the texts. The resources may be used independent of the texts.
  • College-level booklets on many statistical topics   David Garson provides .pdf and/or Kindle versions of papers on a wide range of statistical topics. Many of the papers are free for registered users, though the Kindle versions are not.

Specialized Topics

Statistics Software

DataDesk MINITAB Statistica
Mathematica SPSS S-PLUS


  • Raynald’s SPSS Tools offers an FAQ and many tips to help out the SPSS user. Includes example syntax, macros, and scripts.
  • Free Statistical Software is a listing of software packages that generally offer more specialized analysis capabilities than those available in the major packages.
  • Tutorials for R  R is a free but very powerful statistical and graphical programming language. There is a large and enthusiastic user base who provide extensive support with tutorials and sample programs.

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