WISE: Help with Using the WISE Site

General Help

The WISE site is designed to make it easy for users to find what they need. From the Home page there are several main subsections that can be accessed directly. Within each of these subsections are additional options and also a navigation bar at the top of the page that allows you to jump to any particular subsection. If you have difficulty finding what you need or if you have suggestions for improvements, please write to us at wise@cgu.edu

Tutorial Help

Our goal is to provide tutorials that stimulate thinking and increase the depth of understanding of statistical concepts. The WISE tutorials are designed to provide guidance and also allow students the opportunity to experiment with options. Exercises pose questions and direct the student through activities that provide information needed to answer the questions and build knowledge. In many places hints as well as complete answers are available. However, maximum benefit is gained though working toward solutions as far as possible before consulting hints and answers.

If you get stuck, take advantage of the links to hints, answers, and other resources. We welcome suggestions for improving these links: wise@cgu.edu.

Browser Help

The WISE site is optimized for Internet Explorer. Some specialty features of the site require Java and JavaScript to be enabled. If you have any difficulties with the site, please consult our technical support page or contact us at wise@cgu.edu and we’ll make every effort to fix the problem. Google Chrome no longer supports Java applets, but Internet Explorer and Safari do.

Last revised: December 13, 2014