Helpful Links

Other Statistical Websites

Google and YouTube are your friends – you can find information and explanations (much of excellent quality) on virtually any topic of interest. Here are some of our favorite links.

  • Dance of the p-values by Geoff Cumming is an unforgettable multimedia masterpiece. Additional videos that accompany his book on The New Statistics can be found on YouTube.
  • Khan Academy includes thousands of short video presentations (most are about 10-12 minutes) on a wide range of topics in science and mathematics, including more than 100 on statistics and probability.
  • coursera provides many excellent free online courses, including statistics, data science, and programming.
  • Passion-Driven Statistics provides an e-book with a project-based curriculum, analyzes data with multiple statistical software
  • μ-Tube by Andy Field provides clear and entertaining explanations on many statistical topics, with humor that may amuse, annoy, or offend.
  • Open Online Statistics Courses will take you to links to free statistics courses, compiled by Jasmine Parker.
  • College-level booklets on many statistical topics   David Garson provides .pdf and/or Kindle versions of papers on a wide range of statistical topics. Many of the papers are free for registered users, though the Kindle versions are not.

Specialized Topics

Statistics Software

DataDesk MINITAB Statistica
Mathematica SPSS S-PLUS


  • Raynald’s SPSS Tools offers an FAQ and many tips to help out the SPSS user. Includes example syntax, macros, and scripts.
  • Free Statistical Software is a listing of software packages that generally offer more specialized analysis capabilities than those available in the major packages.
  • Tutorials for R  R is a free but very powerful statistical and graphical programming language. There is a large and enthusiastic user base who provide extensive support with tutorials and sample programs.