WISE Videos


The Normal Distribution:Why is the normal distribution so important when real distributions are rarely (never?) normal? This video explores characteristics of the normal distribution with a bit of history and some fun facts.
Sampling Distribution:
An interactive applet is used to demonstrate the sampling distribution of the mean and how it is related to sample size and the population distribution.
Confidence Interval Game:
This video demonstrates a common misinterpretation of confidence intervals and a game to help users improve their accuracy in interpreting confidence intervals.
Confidence Interval Creation:
An interactive applet is used to demonstrate creation and interpretation of confidence intervals. Users of the applet can manipulate the shape of the population distribution, sample size, and level of confidence.
Introduction to Bootstrapping:
How does bootstrapping work? Why is it useful? This video uses an interactive applet to demonstrate the logic of bootstrapping, and construction of confidence intervals for non-normal distributions.
Pearson’s Chi-Square Test:
This video introduces Pearson’s chi-square test, including background, logic, and applications.