Demos [Note: Major browsers no longer support the JAVA applets; JavaScript applets work fine]

p-z Converter
This applet converts probability values to z values and vice versa. The simple version converts only right-tail p and z values. The graphic version allows the user to input left-tail p, raw scores, and the mean and standard deviation of the group of interest.
Confidence Interval Creation
This applet can be used to demonstrate how the population distribution and sample size influence confidence intervals.
– Confidence Interval Creation demonstration guide
This applet can be used to help visualize the resampling method of bootstrapping. “Resamples” from an original sample can be taken one at a time, or 10,000 at once, ultimately providing a 95% confidence interval for the population mean or median.
Sampling Distribution of the Mean [no longer supported]
This applet teaches fundamental properties of sampling distributions of means such as accuracy of sample means, probability, and effects of sample size.
Hypothesis Testing Applet  [no longer supported]
This applet serves to introduce the logic of hypothesis testing using z-scores.
Statistical Power [no longer supported]
This applet introduces the concept of power and the relationship between power and effect size, alpha, and sample size.
– Power Applet demonstration guide
Confidence Interval Overlap [no longer supported]
This applet demonstrates how t-test p values are related to amount of overlap of confidence intervals.
– Confidence Interval Overlap demonstration guide
Correlation and Regression [no longer supported]
This applet demonstrates how the sum of squared deviations is affected by the fit of the regression line to data points.
Signal Detection Theory [no longer supported]
SDT is a statistical theory of decision making which summarizes a person’s ability to discriminate between different classes of items based upon their correct decisions (Hits) versus their Errors (False Alarams). The applet also plots the Receiver-Operating Characteristics.
Classification, Utility, and Decision Making [use the Excel download of UTIL]
An applet which assists in determining group membership based upon test performance, utility of correct and incorrect classification, and population base rates.
Confidence Interval Game [no longer supported but see the video demonstration]
This applet was designed to provide a fun method to learn about p values. Challenge yourself and see how well your estimates ma

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