WISE: Overview of the WISE Project


Our goal is to provide easy entry to Internet resources that can be used in support of statistics education and applications. The site includes the following:

  • interactive statistics tutorials
  • applets for classroom demonstrations
  • answers to questions
  • a jump-off point for connecting to other resources for statistics on the Internet

Instructors will be able to utilize WISE in conjunction with their classes:

  • to supplement their text assignments
  • to provide common examples and practice problems, where students can receive immediate feedback
  • to provide interactive demonstrations

Instructors can ask students to use WISE resources to supplement the textbook and classroom, or they can assign particular topics and questions for the students as homework.

Comments and Suggestions

We welcome comments and contributions to this web site. If you have any suggestions for improvements, or know of material that should be included on this site, please contact us at wise@cgu.edu.

You may contact the primary faculty project director Dale Berger through email at Dale.Berger@cgu.edu or through postal mail:

Psychology Department
Claremont Graduate University 
123 E. Eighth St. 
Claremont, California 91711

Initial funding for the WISE project in 1993 was from the Mellon Foundation.The WISE project is currently funded by Claremont Graduate University.

Last revised: December 13, 2014