WISE Troubleshooting

Viewing PDF files

If you have trouble viewing an Exercise file or other document downloaded as a PDF (Portable Document File) file, you may need to download and install Adobe Reader to view it.

Refresh Webpage

If an applet does not behave or appear correctly, click the RELOAD/REFRESH button, usually signified by an arrow or arrows on your browser (or press F5 on your keyboard if you are using Internet Explorer).

Java is blocked

With recent Java updates, your security settings might block our Java applets from running. To unblock our applets, you must go through a few steps in the Java Control Panel:

  1. Go to the Java Control Panel (On Windows Click Start and then type Configure Java)
  2. Click on the Security tab
  3. Click on the Edit Site List button
  4. Click the Add button
  5. Type https://wise.cgu.edu
  6. Click the Add button again
  7. Click Continue and OK on the security window dialogue box

You can read more about the issue at Java.com

Enable Java and JavaScript

If an applet is still not working or if a WISE webpage does not load properly after refreshing the webpage, it may be due to Java or JavaScript being disabled on your web browser. If Java or JavaScript has been disabled, it needs to be re-enabled:

Microsoft IE (Version 4.x and up)

  1.  Under the Tools menu, select Internet Options….
  2.  Under the Advanced tab, scroll down to Java (Sun).
  3.  Select Use JRE 1.6.x … for <applet>.
  4.  Under the Security tab, click Custom Level….
  5.  Scroll down to Scripting.
  6.  Select Enable for both Active scripting and Scripting of Java applets.
  7.  Click OK and then click OK again.

Mozilla Firefox

  1.  Under the Tools menu, choose Options….
  2.  Click Web Features.
  3.  Select Enable Java and Enable JavaScript.
  4.  Click OK.

Google Chrome

  1.  Google Chrome no longer supports Java. Users are referred to the Chrome Help Center.

For more information on enabling Java on the above mentioned browsers or other browsers, consult Sun Microsystem’s Java website. If neither refreshing the webpage nor enabling Java results in the webpage or applet being properly displayed, you may need to download and install the free Java Runtime Environment.

A useful website to detect Java on your browser is: http://www.javatester.org.

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