Tutorial: Sampling Distribution of the Mean

Sadly, the Java applet featured in this tutorial no longer is supported by browsers.

Click here for the WISE video on sampling distributions.

What will I learn?

This tutorial will help you determine how accurate a sample mean is likely to be, and how this accuracy is related to the sample size.

What do I need to know already?

You should have an understanding the mean and standard deviation.

You should be familiar with z scores.

You should know how to use a z table or a computer program to find probabilities on a normal distribution.

What should I expect?

Exercise pages. You will be given a series of exercise pages (along with an answer sheet) which you may choose to print out before starting, or after you have entered your answers online.

z table or converter. You may use either your own table for the standardized normal distribution (z) or the WISE pz converter provided by this tutorial.

Hints and answers. You will be asked to answer questions along the way. Approximate answers and hints are provided so you can check your work. Detailed solutions are available, but you should try to answer the questions on your own before consulting the detailed solutions. You will learn much more by doing the exercise questions yourself than if you merely read them and the answers.

Java. Java and JavaScript must be enabled on your browser, and you must configure you java software to run programs from this website.

Review and follow-up. After completing exercise, you may complete the interactive review questions and also download and answer the follow-up questions.

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